Solid State Supplies wins franchise for Quectel low-cost GSM and GPS embedded wireless modules

Solid State Supplies has won a UK and Ireland franchise with Quectel Wireless Solutions, a Chinese manufacturer of wireless communications modules for M2M applications.

The modules, which cover 2G, 2.5G and 3G wireless standards, are competitively priced, starting at under £10 each for data-only GSM versions. Founded by Patric Qian, formerly of Simcom, Alcatel and Motorola, Quectel has focused on delivering high quality cellular modules to major OEMs worldwide. Many of the GSM and GPS modules are form-and-function compatible with products from more established brands.

Quectel modules are designed for GSM and GPS embedded applications in smart metering, automotive, electronic payment, security, asset tracking, remote control and monitoring and mobile computing.

GSM modules are available in dual and quad band versions.

GPS products include active and non-active antenna types. They are based on Mediatek and SIRF IV transceivers and feature fast start-up, high sensitivity (autonomous acquisition down to -148 dBm) and low power consumption. Most modules come in surface-mount packages but some versions mate to a printed circuit board via industry-standard board-to-board connectors.

A range of development kits is available from stock. Solid State Supplies will assist customers in selecting the most appropriate product and development kit for each application.

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