Marl showcases energy efficient military LED lighting

Marl International’s stand (N4191) at DSEi will feature its infra-red LED assemblies providing energy efficient night vision for military vehicle crews. Marl’s stand will exhibit  a host of innovative defence grade LED lighting products that provide robust and efficient illumination and indication solutions for military vehicles, aircraft, marine vessels and other applications.  One lucky visitor will also walk away with an iPad in the prize draw running throughout the event.

Picture: Marl

Marl will be exhibiting its infra-red LED assembly for the first time, installed on a module with UKAP floodlight for use with both video and night vision cameras. This is a solution that allows military vehicle crews to see clearly whatever the ambient light conditions. To address the needs of this exceptionally demanding project, Marl built its proven infra-red LEDs into robust anodised aluminium housings to suit the customer’s specification, including sealing to IP67. Marl sourced suppliers in over 20 countries and integrated them together to high standards of quality and reliability, producing the lights on a bespoke customer production line in Ulverston, Cumbria, England.

Also on the Marl stand at DSEi will be its the new ruggedised, more powerful and more efficient Orion striplights and Aztec cubes. In addition, Marl will present a range of application specific lighting and indication products, including floodlights, rope lights, low profile step lights, as well as drivers, power supplies and associated products.  A range UL approved metal panel indicators will also be featured including the 677 and the 697 parts. Both are IP67 sealed and feature a high standard of EMC screening. The 697 also provides NVIS radiance for use with night vision goggles.

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