Two-in-one Low VCEsat Transistor and Trench MOSFET comes in ultra-compact package

NXP’s latest offering is the PBSM5240PF, an ultra-compact Medium Power transistor and N-channel Trench MOSFET housed in a leadless DFN2020-6 (SOT1118) plastic package. Measuring only 2 x 2mm and with a height of just 0.65 mm, the DFN2020-6 (SOT1118) has been designed in response to the industry trend for miniaturization in high-performance consumer products such as mobile devices.

Picture: NXP

As one of the first power management solutions on the market to integrate a low VCE(sat) BISS transistor and Trench MOSFET into a 2-in-1 product, the PBSM5240PF saves space on the PCB, while delivering high electrical performance.

Compared to conventional solutions, which require two packages for the Breakthrough in Small Signal (BISS)/MOSFET solution, the PBSM5240PF offers a more than 50% reduction in footprint and more than 10% decrease in package height. Because the DFN2020-6 (SOT1118) package incorporates a heat sink, the device delivers 25% improved thermal performance, which leads to higher currents up to 2A and less power consumption.

The PBSM5240PF is used as part of the charging circuit in portable batteries for cell phones, MP3 players or other portable devices. It can also be used in load switch or battery-driven devices that require best-in-class thermal performance for higher currents with a tiny footprint.

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