ST extends Sound Terminal digital audio SoC family for flat screen TVs

STMicroelectronics has released two new Sound Terminal digital-audio system-on-chip ICs for home-entertainment applications, which will enable smaller new-product designs while also running cooler to help designers meet tough product-safety requirements.

Picture: ST

The STA381BW and STA381BWS are optimised for flat-panel TVs and consolidate a headphone driver, line-driver output, and an independent DAC. These functions typically require three additional ICs. The integrated DAC provides an extra analogue output that can be connected to the headphone input or to an external circuit, and uses ST’s F3X technology to simplify external filtering. The headphone driver and industry-standard 2Vpp line out, which require no DC blocking capacitors, also save external components and hence minimise PCB size.

ST says the STA381BW and STA381BWS deliver best-in-class thermal performance through a combination of high energy efficiency, proprietary ternary PWM modulation and enhanced package design, enabling lower operating temperatures. This simplifies thermal management, helping to ensure that the TV’s chassis temperature meets product safety criteria such as UL or CE specifications. The STA381BW and STA381BWS can deliver up to 15W output power (24V, 8ohm load), maintaining the IC’s temperature at 55.4°C.

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