STMicroelectronics reveals world’s first Independent Calypso Revision 3 Smart-Card IC

STMicroelectronics has unveiled a new secure IC supporting the latest version of the popular Calypso ticketing open standard. The chip supports extra services, and is unique in offering backward compatibility with legacy Calypso readers, allowing operators to introduce next-generation cards quickly and cost effectively.

Picture: STMicroelectronics

The Calypso ticketing open standard was developed by a consortium of European operators to suit public transportation and other ticketing uses. More than 80 networks in 21 countries now operate travel cards based on Calypso, and more than 52 million cards have been issued. Calypso Revision 3, as supported by ST’s latest chip, delivers extra services such as e-purse, loyalty rewards or USB key.

ST’s CD21-Rev3 secure microcontroller is the only Calypso Revision 3 solution produced by a non-card issuer. As such, it provides independence and reliability for system users and developers. This, and the unique backward compatibility with legacy readers, enables rapid, cost-effective adoption of Calypso Revision 3 in mass-transit networks worldwide.

The CD21-Rev3 solution is based on a secure microcontroller IC which is certified compliant with all necessary and appropriate standards: the EMV global standard and achieves EAL5+ Common Criteria security assurance. It also meets the established ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO/IEC 7816 smart-card standards and is compliant with the EMVCo Level 1 radio interface specification. Meeting these standards allows use in many other access control, payment and ticketing applications such as municipal services, events and corporate or student card schemes, in addition to transportation.

Features of CD21-Rev3 include a dual interface for contact or contactless applications, a contactless-only interface option and an ST23 secure processor core. The device is built on 130nm process technology with three options of secure EEPR4/8/18Kbytes EEPROM density. It’s compliant with Caypso revisions 3, 2 and 1, compatible with legacy Calypso products and uses the EN1545 standard data model.

The CD21-Rev3 is currently in volume production, delivered as 150- or 75-micron thin wafers or as modules (ultra-thin 250-micron CB6 or 330-micron CB4 contactless modules, or D70 dual-interface modules).

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