Vector Fabrics and Imagination Technologies tapping the power of multi-pipe and multi-core PowerVR GPUs

Vector Fabrics is demonstrating the initial results of its collaboration with Imagination Technologies at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver between 9 and 11 August.

Vector Fabrics’ vfEmbedded tool makes it easy to analyse and parallelise software making full use of OpenCL for application processors with Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR SGX Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). PowerVR GPUs, as well as delivering excellent graphics performance, can also deliver immense computational power through OpenCL, which can provide a significant boost in performance for certain applications and algorithms. Until now it has been hard to harvest this computational power due to programming complexity.

Vector Fabrics’ vfEmbedded software development tool greatly assists developers in the parallelisation of existing sequential programs and in the development of new OpenCL-based parallel algorithms. By taking maximum advantage of the processing power of the PowerVR GPU, application developers can increase performance and lower power consumption of advanced application processor platforms.

At SIGGRAPH, Vector Fabrics can be found on the Imagination Technologies Booth, #129.

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