ADL commences production of PCI/104 Express boards

Advanced Digital Logic has commenced series production of its ADLD25PC PCI/104 Express boards. The company offers cooling solutions, optional extras, and connection cables for this brand new Atom “Pineview” D525 platform. The ADLD25PC-SP01000 (1.0 inch) and ADLD25PC-SP0600 (0.6 inch) heat spreaders are thermal coupling elements that connect the SBC to a metal surface for heat dissipation. Due to the fact that it uses a standard height, the 1.0-inch spreader permits simple overall assembly of the system. The 0.6-inch version is lower and lighter and is thus ideal for applications for which a lightweight construction is crucial.

The ADLD25PC is based on the Intel ICH9M-E chipset and the Intel Atom™ D525 dual-core processor. Picture: ADL

The ADLD25PC-PASSIVELP (passive low profile) is a passive cooling-fin heat sink for integration in space-constrained designs. Its thermal concept is based on a pin-type heat sink design that employs conical-bolt cooling fins. Since air can flow around the bolts from all directions, ideal thermal performance is ensured consistently. The ADLD25PC fan sink is designed for users in the area of application and operating-system testing. This permits trouble-free “laboratory use” in development departments. The “heat sink plus fan” set, which consistently ensures sufficient cooling of the SBC at all times, is excellently suited for performing initial tests and for gaining insight into the system and processor temperature. The fan has a tachometric signal and can be controlled via the supply voltage.

The ADLD25PC-CK cable kit makes all of the Pineview board’s required interfaces available in the form of conventional connections. With the board, a suitable ADL cooling solution and the cable kit, users have a complete developmental environment to support product development and to prepare for series production and market launch as quickly as possible.

“Appropriate thermal solutions should be pre-mounted, straight from the factory. The Intel® D525 processor has an open DIE surface that could become damaged if a cooling solution is not mounted carefully and properly,” explained Martin Kristof, operating manager at Advanced Digital Logic GmbH. “Besides tailored thermal solutions, ADL offers additional options such as BGA underfill plus ET screening for applications in the extended temperature ranged from –40°C to +85°C as well as protection or sealing of a PC/104 through application of conformal coating. The combination of different options leads to a rugged board that can be operated under the harshest of conditions. As a result, for only a slight additional charge, ADL customers receive tremendous benefits in the form of the board’s operational stability and resilience. Here, ADL supports its project customers by drawing upon its many years of expertise and by using its own in-house developers for thermal solutions.”


For low-power applications in thermally demanding, harsh environments

The ADLD25PC is based on the Intel ICH9M-E chipset and the Intel Atom™ D525 dual-core processor, which is clocked at 2 x 1.8 GHz and has L2 cache of more than 1 MByte. Up to 2 GByte of DDR3-800 DRAM is available for memory. The range of available interfaces includes eight USB-2.0 and four COM ports, a 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet connection as well as interfaces for a printer, a PS/2 keyboard and a mouse. In addition, there is also a 16 bit GPIO port, a 7.1 channel HD audio interface as well as an expansion slot for PCI/104 Express cards with four x1 lanes. This SBC has a 5 V power supply and features a low power consumption of 10 to 13 watts. It operates in the temperature range from –20 to +75 °C. As an alternative, there is also a version available for the extended temperature range from –40°C to +85°C.

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