Avago transceiver delivers Fast Ethernet communication over plastic optical fibre

Avago has developed a Fast Ethernet transceiver that can provide reliable data transmissions over plastic optical fibre (POF). The new AFBR-5972Z transceiver provides the ability to implement fast communication up to 100Mbps and is suitable for networking in harsh environments such as factory automation or power generation and distribution. Featuring a compact design using an Avago Versatile Link duplex connector, the transceiver also promises to reduce board footprint.

Avago's transceiver provides reliable connections across plastic optical fibre in industrial environments. Picture: Avago Technologies

The transceiver’s new AFBR-4526Z duplex connector is similar in size to electrical RJ-45 sockets and is compatible with the company’s existing simplex Versatile Link connectors. In addition to the smaller size, the transceiver is more cost-efficient than comparable PROFINET industrial Ethernet solutions.

The AFBR-5972Z device’s transmitter is based on a high-power, 650nm LED with an integrated driver that operates at 3.3V. The transmitter receives a LVPECL/LVDS electrical input and converts it into a modulated current, driving the LED. The LVPECL digital interface enables a direct connection to Ethernet PHY ICs. The high-bandwidth receiver contains a PIN photodiode. The PIN photodiode is packaged in an optical subassembly that couples the optical power efficiently from POF fiber to the receiving PIN.

Offering robust operation in the –40° to +85° C extended industrial temperature range, the device is suitable for industrial applications and supports various Ethernet Fieldbus protocols and is compatible with quasi-industry standard IEEE 802.3 100BASE-FX.

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