nanoETXexpress Industrial Group keeps growing

The nanoETXexpress Industrial Group is further strengthening its global presence with the addition of new members. The growing number of members highlights the position of nanoETXexpress in the market as the COM Express® based de-facto standard for highly ultra-small and energy-efficient designs. The wide-spread acceptance of the form factor introduced first by Kontron is due to its 100 percent compatibility with the COM Express® specification, with respect to pin-out definition and connector location. As such, the nanoETXexpress module design offers a high level of scalability, design security and simplified development.

“The growing support of leading manufacturers, such as Emerson Network Power, gives a tremendous boost to the worldwide market position of the ultra small COM Express compatible nanoETXexpress”, says Dirk Finstel CTO, Kontron. “OEMs can expect an even larger choice of products, enjoy even more design security, and get the added benefit of contact persons who are based locally.”

The nanoETXexpress is a forward looking concept based on COM Express® for credit card-sized and energy efficient Computer-on-Modules (84 mm x 55 mm) and is ideal for developing ultra-mobile mini-computer devices based on x86 processors. In terms of connector positioning and pin-out definition, nanoETXexpress is 100 percent compatible to the Type 1 and the recently specified Type 10 COM Express pin-out, thus guaranteeing an excellent future-proof investment. “It is a major advantage of the nanoETXexpress form factor that OEMs can fall back on established and successful COTS solutions and fully concentrate on developing their own dedicated solutions. Owing to the COM Express® compatibility, developers can use their know-how on existing solutions 1:1 on new SFF carrierboard designs. So nanoETXexpress reduces time-to-market, lowers development costs and minimizes Total Cost of Ownership”, Dirk Finstel goes on to say.

Along with Emerson Network Power, the nanoETXexpress Industrial Group welcomes the companies Aaronn Electronic, Avnet, B-plus, EG Electronics, Fortec, HY-LINE Computer Components, ies, Ineltro, Milper, next system, PLUG-IN Electronic, RAFI Elettronica, Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente, and Texim.

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