easyOCR reads Asian characters

GOEPEL electronic has developed easyOCR™, an easy-to-use software for automatic reading of texts on displays of engine control units (ECUs). A new easyOCR™ function now enables reading Asian characters of any font sizes without pre-learning.

The software function’s benefits were additionally combined with an intelligent image pre-processing. Within a multi-stage process text areas are separated from backgrounds. Highlighted and inverted, text passages are pre-processed to enable the automatic reading. Furthermore, variations on completely different display types are considered. By a targeted change of binarisation and reading parameters, fully processed in the background, captured images are prepared to provide optimised image contents for the OCR function. The reading process’s reliability is increased far beyond standard OCR functions.
PR_easyOCR fuer asiatische Zeichen_en
The easyOCR™ function is integrated in GOEPEL electronic’s well-proven TOM image processing software (TOM = Teachable Optical Measurement). It’s a software tool that features numerous functionalities. In addition to an extensive image processing library, there are in particular convenient opportunities to integrate and configure CCD and CMOS cameras with digital interfaces such as FireWire, GigE or USB. Additionally, the included remote control interface offers the opportunity to integrate optical inspection tasks into superior test programs. Based on the user-friendly operation concept, complex image processing sequences can be generated without prior programming knowledge.
http://www.goepel.comPR_easyOCR fuer asiatische Zeichen_en

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