Echelon Teams with Avnet Memec

Avnet Memec EMEA is becoming the pan-European distributor of Echelon’s Commercial Markets product line for device and system manufacturers.

Echelon’s market -leading line of energy control network products — ranging from microprocessors, twisted pair and power line signaling component technology and system software to infrastructure products – Is used in over 100 million devices and 300,000 buildings worldwide. The addition of Echelon’s products allows Avnet Memec to empower its building automation, managed street lighting, and renewable energy market efforts with the LonWorks networking platform. Customers will be able to place orders with Avnet Memec as of July 1, 2011.

“Offering Echelon’s line of networking products to our existing customers will allow us to forge strong and fruitful relationships with the existing LonWorks community, and bring Echelon’s technology to a broad range of new customers,” said Steve Haynes, president of Avnet Memec EMEA. “The market for energy control networking is huge and the unique ability of Echelon’s technology to work across many applications and industries puts Avnet Memec in a strong market position – giving us a unified network solution offering with the flexibility and power to meet most any customer need.”

“Avnet brings a tremendous record of success to the market for energy control networks,” said Anders Axelsson, Echelon’s senior vice president of sales, commercial markets. “We’re seeing an increase in interest in how control networks enable energy management strategies, and it all begins with what’s designed into a device. Our relationship with Avnet promises to take the market for LonWorks networking -enabled products to a new level, and especially so in the vertical segments of building automation, street lighting , and renewables.”

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