Full bridge DC motor driver IC in THT package

Glyn, distributor of high-end microelectronics, offers Toshiba’s driver IC TB6568KQ for brush-type DC motors. The TB6568KQ is one of the smallest brush DC motor drivers (BDC) in a THT package (Through Hole Technology) suitable for four-quadrant operation. The operating voltage range is 10 to 45 V and the rated absolute maximum output current 3 A.

In its 7-pin Single-Inline-package HSIP7-P-2,54A, the full bridge BDC driver is based on a proprietary MOS process (Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) for short-circuit proof power transistors. To eliminate shoot-through currents, a dead time of 300 ns is generated. In addition, the IC offers overcurrent (ISD) and overvoltage (VSD) protection as well as undervoltage lockout circuitry (UVLO) and thermal shutdown circuitry (TSD)). It has been designed to support four-quadrant operation (Forward/Reverse/Short Brake/Stop).

At a maximum power supply voltage of 50 V the output current rates at 3 A (max), the ON-Resistanc RDS(ON) is 55 mΩ (typ.). The integrated Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) allows for efficient control of the motor’s speed with high thermal efficiency.

EVA board for quick evaluation
With Glyn’s starter kit EVBTB6568KQ, engineers can quickly evaluate the driver IC TB6568KQ. The comparatively large demo board simplifies measurements and supports the fast adaptation to the application. The PCB is equipped with a broad ‘breadboard’ area which makes it easy to implement a microcontroller with periphery components in order to control the TB6568KQ.

 Picture: Glyn

Hans Hermann Warken, FAE Power and MCU at Glyn explains: “With Seiko Instruments’ S-1142, we have implemented a very efficient state-of-the-art LDO voltage regulator with 50 V input voltage. This saves effort and, most importantly, time.” The voltage regulator supplies the motor driver’s peripherals as well as a microcontroller with the required operating voltage. Its output voltage is routed to a board connector and the ‘breadboard’ area in order to supply external circuitry. Furthermore, the EVBTB6568KQ offers a reverse voltage protection on the input side, realized with the P-channel MOSFET TPCA8104 from Toshiba. The IN1 and IN2 input terminals allow for selection of the operation mode. For this, Glyn includes terminal pins and optional jumpers.

Toshiba’s BDC motor driver IC TB6568KQ and the starter kit are immediately available at Glyn.

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