125V Tantalum Polymer Capacitor

AVX Corporation has announced the capability to manufacture a 125V tantalum polymer capacitor, more than twice the rated voltage of similar products on the market today. Passing the 100V milestone for the first time represents a significant development in the field of high voltage tantalum capacitors and extends the range of such devices available to engineers for new consumer product applications such as telecommunications equipment, LED TVs and power supplies for notebook computers, as well as a host of industrial applications. AVX developed the new high voltage tantalum capacitor by optimizing processes which enhance capacitor performance and working in close co-operation with polymer suppliers. Conductive polymer has been proven to provide low ESR and reduced ignition failure mode solution. In addition, due to the nature of polymer capacitors surge robustness, lower derating of 20% can be used. However, the working voltage of tantalum-polymer capacitors was limited until now due to the maximum achievable breakdown voltage. AVX’s new developments in polymer technology addresses these limited working voltage issues and is expected to result in even higher-rated products in the future. Picture: AVX Engineering samples in limited quantities of the new TCJ 6.8µF/100V (V case) and 3.3µF/125V (D case) high capacitance, high voltage tantalum capacitors will be available from July onwards, with volume production starting in 2012. AVX is the recognized market leader in tantalum polymer capacitor development, having received industry recognition when its 50V rated tantalum polymer capacitor was named as Passive & Electromechanical Product of the Year in December 2010 at the prestigious Elektra Awards in London. The judging panel recognized that AVX’s devices achieve a number of industry firsts, including delivering the highest operating voltage in the industry for a product of its type. AVX’s devices include the single anode TCJ series with10µF/35V and 1µF/50V CV ratings and the multi-anode TCM Series rated at 22µF/35V with the lowest ESR in the industry at 25mΩ. AVX’s tantalum polymer capacitors feature a conductive polymer electrode which reduces ignition failure mode, excellent ESR stability over temperature, volumetric efficiecy and are three times reflow 260°C compatible.

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