70 to 1050 MHz narrow-band ultra-low-power RF transceiver

The Swiss AXSEM announced its single-chip narrow-band RF transceiver AX5043 a for the bands in the frequency range 70 MHz to 1050 MHz with a receiver bandwidth of 1 kHz to 100 kHz. The AX5043 offers very long range with a small number of components. The sensitvity of -126 dBm at 868 MHz and 1.2 kbps FSK is one of the highest sensitivities in the market with only 10.5 mA current consumption. Together with the excellent power amplifier performance of 17 dBm at 55 mA current consumption, the AX5043 has the sensational link budget of 143 dB. In Wake-On-Radio mode current consumption is typical below 5μA.

The AX5043 transceiver consists of an integrated RF front-end with modulator and demodulator and flexible communication controller. Baseband data processing is implemented in the integrated communication controller for user-friendly communication and configuration via SPI interface. The 256 byte packet buffer in conjunction with the 500 nA wake-up timer allow the AX5043 to work well together with low cost micro-controllers. The integrated HDLC protocol guarantees exceptionally compact code and small CPU overhead. The digital RSSI provides quick results for low-power operation.
Picture: Axsem

The AX5043 is well suited for applications such as sensor networks, access control systems or home automation applications using the Konnex, ARIB or other standards.

For narrow-band operation we recommend the usage of a TCXO. North american as well as european standards require freqency tolerances of 0.5 ppm  to 1.5 ppm for many narrow-band applications. The device is compatible with FCC part 15, FCC part 90 and EN 300 220 V2.3.1.

Key Features

  • Single chip ASK/FSK/MSK/GFSK/GMSK UHF transceiver
  • Configurable for use in 70 – 1050 MHz bands
  • Narrow-band receiver with programmable channel filter in the range 1 – 220 kHz
  • -126 dBm sensitivity with 1.2 kBit/s at BER 10-3 without FEC
  • Up to +20 dBm programmable transmitter power amplifier, 55 mA at 17 dBm
  • Capable of data rates 1 – 100 kbps.
  • 256 byte packet buffer or FIFO
  • Spectral shaping for ASK and FSK
  • RS-232 (UART) compatible
  • 1 Hz frequency step
  • Few external components, low cost crystals
  • Automatic frequency control
  • SPI micro controller interface
  • Forward error correction integrated (FEC)
  • HDLC protocol or wireless M-bus compatible protocols
  • Low power: 10-11 mA during receive and 8 – 80 mA during transmit depending on the output power
  • 1.8V – 3.6V supply voltage
  • Operating temperature range –40 to 85 C
  • Small package size: 5x5mm, QFN28 package
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