andersDX Brings Consumer ‘Look & Feel’ to Industrial and Medical Devices

andersDX has announced FlushTouch a custom design service that allows industrial and medical device manufacturers to bring the ‘look and feel’ of consumer products to their touchscreen applications.

Design of the front panels for industrial and medical touchscreen systems is increasingly influenced by expectations resulting from use of mobile phones, tablet technologies and other touch-based consumer products. The andersDX FlushTouch service helps OEMs to meet these expectations with totally flat, bezel-free designs that combine standard touch sensors with touch window or cover-lens technologies, different materials and finishes and a variety of custom options.
Picture: andersDX

The andersDX FlushTouch service is available for all touch sensor technologies and is compatible with display sizes from 2” to 22”. Glass or plastic front panels and touch borders are available, ranging in thickness from 1.6mm to 20mm. Flexible membrane options are ideal for medical applications and other environments where ease of washdown and cleaning are particularly important.

The completely flat, bezel-free nature of FlushTouch designs allows touch functionality to be expanded beyond the active display area and simplifies the cleaning of the front panel. FlushTouch options that help to further enhance user experience and optimise industrial designs include matt or gloss finishes, coloured borders, rounded corners, the graphic printing of logos, icons and buttons, cut-out holes and rear grooves for LEDs. IP65-rated FlushTouch configurations are also available.

FlushTouch implementations are viable for low-volume applications thanks to low non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs and minimum order quantities (MOQs). Designs can be supplied pre-integrated with TFT panels through airgap lamination or optical bonding allowing andersDX to provide a single-supplier solution for product development, manufacture and quality control.

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