Colorize your display with Quattro LED

Batron (Distributor: Data Modul) is once more adding a new high-resolution display module to their chip-on-glass family. A special feature of this display is an absolutely innovative backlighting concept, the Quattro LED. The LCM incorporates not only 6 super high brightness RGB chips allowing red, green, blue and mixed color backlighting, but also 7 LED white chips.

Firstly, this leads to a longer RGB chip lifetime as these can be switched off during the LEDWhite operating periods. Secondly, customers can still enjoy the brilliant white of a pure white LED compared to the white of an RGB color mixing which is usually perceived as greyish and poor. Despite the complex backlighting structure the display is perfectly and evenly lit and demonstrates brilliant colors in every color mode.
Picture: Data Modul

The new LCM comes with a 240 x 160 pixel resolution and outline dimensions of 88.6 x 67.4 x 6mm with an active viewing area of 82.60 x 53.40mm (3.2”). The display is driven by the microcontroller UC1611, with a serial or parallel interface and can be connected via FPC and has a built-in bezel with mounting ears. The display can be operated in temperatures from -20°C to +70°C. As with most other Batron modules, contrast ratio and readability are excellent and based on the minimum dot gap of 15μ.

The backlighting of the LCM can be flexibly configured for each customer project so that customers can design in the display with the option of having LED White or RGB backlighting.

Samples are now available from Data Modul.

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