Avago Technologies Names EBV Elektronik “European Distributor of the Year 2010”

EBV Elektronik was awarded “European Distributor of the Year 2010” by Avago Technologies for outstanding performance in sales growth and design activities.

This award is a very special recognition due to the fact that Avago rarely gives this recognition to a distributor. The last time this award was presented to a pan-European distributor was in 2006 and in 2000, and in these years EBV Elektronik also received the award. Avago only presents this award whenever a partner shows outstanding performance in both categories: Sales Growth and Design Wins.

“Avago Technologies is a key and long-term partner for EBV with an extraordinary product and technology portfolio in areas like fibre optics, optocouplers and LEDs. To receive this award is a great confirmation of EBV’s outstanding performance within Avago’s European distribution network. At the same time it is quite a unique recognition because it is only presented to a distributor who performs exceptionally well,” said Slobodan Puljarevic, president and CEO of EBV Elektronik. “The fact that in the last 11 years this award was only presented three times, and always to us, is a great success for the whole EBV team. Such results are only possible if the relationship between a distributor and a supplier works very well at all levels. Therefore, I would also like to express my thanks and appreciation to the whole Avago team. Without their dedication and support we would not have achieved this award!“

Avago’s relationship with EBV goes back to 1971. “Over these 40 years they have been a very reliable and trustworthy partner who has contributed highly to our success in the European semiconductor market,” said Steffi Kircher, director of Distribution EMEA at Avago.

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