Intersil and Sony partners for internet cameras

Intersil today announced that Sony has decided to incorporate the revolutionary new Intersil Security Link Over Coax (SLOC) technology into a number of its 2011 IP camera models within their industry leading network security camera product family. The incorporation of the SLOC technology into Sony network cameras will further enable the adoption of IP video surveillance.

The SLOC technology was developed by the Intersil Techwell team, and is incorporated in Intersil’s TW3801 and TW3811. This unique technology allows simultaneous transmission of analog CVBS video and digital IP video over a single coaxial cable, enabling mega-pixel IP cameras to operate on existing CCTV coaxial infrastructure at distances of up to 500 meters. This highly effective hybrid surveillance system supports latency-free analog CCTV as well as networked IP surveillance functionalities. The SLOC device will be incorporated directly into Sony’s security cameras in 2011, providing customers with a flexible solution that allows latency-free live viewing and traditional real-time PTZ control.

“Together, we will help accelerate the growth of IP Security Systems within the video surveillance market,” said Susan Hardman, Senior Vice President of Intersil’s Analog and Mixed Signal Group. “Our SLOC technology will help Sony to change the face of IP video surveillance. Like Sony, we believe the future of the security surveillance market will continue to grow exponentially.”

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