iW1810: Digital SMPS chip with integrated power stage

The iW1810 (Distribution: HY-LINE Power Components) is a very compact and efficient IC for a digital switch mode power supply to build a small AC/DC supply. The power stage is already integrated and is very robust and low in electromagnetic interference, as it uses a bipolar power transistor instead of a MOSFET.

The device is stable under any operating conditions without external frequency compensations. Due to a special primary regulating concept the IC accomplishes high control accuracy without opto couplers. Only a few components have to be added – transformer, diodes, smoothing capacitor – for a complete primary switched power supply with stabilized output voltage or – useful for LED drivers and chargers – stabilized current.

Picture: HY-LINE

With stand-by losses below 100 mW and a very compact design the iW1810 may be put in wall slots or wall installation sockets. It may also power smart meters or household devices. A power supply delivering up to 3 W can be built on just 25 x 25 x 15 mm³ with only 21 components, delivering an output voltage stable within ± 2 %.


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