Osram and US company Cree Inc. enter into a patent cross license agreement

Comprehensive patent cross license agreement sends a signal across the patent landscape for LEDs.

The LED and lighting manufacturers Osram (www.osram.com) (Munich, Germany) and Cree Inc. (Durham/USA) have entered into a comprehensive agreement about the cross licensing of patents. The agreement comprises the mutual licensing of both companies’ patents, including the patents of Oram Opto Semiconductors and with regard to Cree the patents of former LED Light Fixtures Inc. All stages of the value chain, from inorganic LED chips to LED luminaires and electronic control systems are addressed by the agreement.

Osram thus continues its policy of concluding patent cross license agreements with other large LED manufacturers. In the recent years, the company has already entered into similar agreements with other big players in the LED market like Nichia, Philips and Toyoda Gosei. Such agreements considerably accelerate the spread of LED technology in all application fields. They help companies in the development, production and marketing of new products by mitigating the risk of inadvertently infringing other companies’ patent rights. Therefore the customers of Osram’s and Cree’s LED products enjoy the benefit of being strongly guarded against adverse effects caused by potential patent disputes about these products.

With 8,000 patents and patent applications, Osram holds a strong position regarding intellectual property in the field of LED technology. “For all companies involved, the respectful management of intellectual property is essential for the smooth development of LED technology,” comments Martin Goetzeler, COO of Osram. “The agreement with Cree is an important step in this process.”


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