Flexible factor-1-sensor

Turck presents compact QP08 in non-flush plastic version for packaging-, installation- and handling-industry.

The QP08 is the latest member of the ferrite-core-free uprox+ family from Turck. The compact factor-1-sensor offers a high EMV- and magnetic field stability, as well as ultimate switching distances for all metals – like all uprox+ types. Especially for the use in cramped spaces with little place for the installation – for example at the installation- and handling-industry or in packaging machines – the non-flush sensor in a plastic housing guarantees time- and cost savings, regarding the installation and service. Because in this area of application usually aluminum is used as target-material, the new factor-1-sensor reaches up to 300 percent higher switching distances, compared to customary sensors.

Picture: Turck

The QP08 guarantees the user a maximum installation freedom, not only because of the small and compact housing (32 x 20 x 8 mm, LxWxH), but also because of little free zones, a switching distance of 10 mm and the possibility to install the sensor directly onto metal. Furthermore the boreholes are compatible with all Q08- and similar designs, which allows a fast and uncomplicated replacement of customary sensor types. Large, curved LEDs at the sensor show the user the operational readiness and the switching state of the QP08 at any time – from the top view and from the site. Thanks to the directly overmoulded electronics, the compact proximity switch of the protection category IP67 is also insensitive towards dirt and moisture.

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