2-phase Incremental Encoder with Hollow Shaft

Alps Electric Europe offers with its EC35A a low-profile 2-phase incremental-type encoder with 23.6mm hollow shaft for easy setting of signal conditions. The vertically mountable SMT device has dimensions of 35mm x 4.5mm (diameter x body height) and features a long operating life of up to 50,000 rotational cycles.

It provides a resolution of 15 pulses or rather 30 detents per rotation. The necessary detent torque amounts to 18±7mNm. Rated for voltages of 5VDC, the EC35A has a maximum operating current of 10mA. The operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C.

Picture: Alps

With the new EC35A, ALPS meet the trend towards higher performance in conjunction with compact design. The combination of an encoder with large hollow shaft and the reduced shaft wobble provide a comfortable operation and an accurate operation feeling. In particular the encoder’s hollow shaft contributes to more freedom of set design as devices such as switches and LEDs can be mounted into its center. Typical applications of the EC35A are among others volume control and function change for car AV equipment and navigation systems, temperature control for HVACs, menu selection for home appliances such as washing machines and microwave ovens.

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