Varta’s CellPac Lite as product of the year

The Lithium-Ion batteries CellPac LITE from Varta Microbattery were elected in products of the year 2011. Last Thursday night the products of the year have been chosen officially in Munich. The readers of the professional magazine Elektronik came together for the thirteenth time to choose their product of the year 2011
and voted for CellPac LITE. Achim Lösch, General Manager Power Pack Solutions, received the award in the category of power supply from Harry Schubert, editorial department Elektronik.

“We are very pleased about this award” said Herbert Schein, Chairman of the Executive Board, “moreover, it
emphasizes that CellPac LITE is well received with its technical features”.
CellPac LITE is a product assortment consisting of a range of cylindrical and prismatic rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. This battery programme covers capacities from 150 mAh to 2600 mAh. The standard CellPac LITE portfolio is available in sizes from 4 x 20 x 26 mm to 11 x 36 x 65 mm and provides customers with a ready-made battery solution with various cables and connectors. CellPac
LITE conforms to the requirements according to UL 1642 and can be used in environmental temperatures between -20°C and +60°C. Moreover, CellPac LITE is equipped with an electronic
protection circuit and an additional overcurrent protection. VARTA Microbattery distributes CellPac LITE through selected partners and distributors. The CellPac LITE product range provides the
energy to power applications in the areas of industrial, medical and data comms.

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