Maxwell’s Ultracaps in Europe

Richardson RFPD, Inc., and Maxwell Technologies, Inc., have just announced the expansion of their mutual business agreement to now include distributing ultracapacitors in the European markets. Richardson RFPD carries a substantial inventory of Maxwell ultracapacitor products, with stocking locations throughout the world.

Van Andrews, Maxwell senior vice president of sales and marketing, said, “We recognize Richardson RFPD’s unique ability to close the technical sale using its extensive worldwide sales and support organization. We have witnessed it for the past three years in both North America and China, and believe it is time to leverage those resources and capabilities in Europe. Richardson RFPD has been a truly formidable alliance partner as evidenced by their investments in Maxwell inventory to ensure product availability and in personnel to help drive the sales of our products to unprecedented levels.”

“Keeping up with both ever-changing energy storage technology and rapidly expanding ultracapacitor markets can be a daunting task,” said Kevin Connor, vice president of the Energy, Power & Interconnect Group of Richardson RFPD. “With Maxwell, we are fortunate to be aligned with the world’s premier manufacturer of ultracapacitors to address these demands.  Their product quality combined with our extensive inventory, worldwide logistics and sales support provides our customers with the confidence that their wind turbine pitch systems, electric vehicles or back-up power systems, for example, will be built on time and operate with maximum efficiency and reliability.”

Richardson RFPD’s global field sales engineering team can recommend the proper ultracapacitor considering a customer’s specific electrical design requirements and mechanical constraints. Richardson RFPD offers Maxwell’s complete line of ultracapacitors from individual cells (1F to 3,000F) to multicell modules (up to 500F). Richardson RFPD also has the engineering capabilities to design and build custom ultracapacitor banks and assemblies.

For technical information or to buy Maxwell ultracapacitors, please visit the Maxwell storefront on the Richardson RFPD website

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