RS Components upgrades DesignSpark PCB with 3D

RS Components has announced the release of DesignSpark PCB version 2, its free PCB design software package. Working in partnership with Number One Systems, new features in DesignSpark PCB include unique 3D visualisation of PCB layouts, and increased library management functionality. The upgraded version 2 software is free to download for new users at, and existing users will be alerted to the upgrade via release alerts in the tool.

DesignSpark PCB has been strengthened in three key areas. A 3D viewer has been added to the tool.  This enables engineers to see a three-dimensional representation of their board at any stage during design, allowing fast evaluation of mechanical design requirements within their existing eCAD package. New library features and output graphics allow users to create and save new libraries, move components directly to libraries from the design view, and provides more flexibility in reports and print options.  Functionality enhancements are found in the project menu, with new design management options including command, duplication and improved resolution of angular rotation, all speeding up design test and development for users.

Picture: RS Components

Over 50,000 users have downloaded DesignSpark PCB since launching 8 months ago, with the tool proving to be one of the most popular free PCB design software packages available. Since then, thousands of users have contributed suggestions for development at DesignSpark, the online community and information network for electronics design engineers managed by RS. Version 2 utilises this information, providing enhanced features and functionality for users.

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