Magma’s Titan and FineSim Validated for LFoundry iPDKs

Magma Design Automation, a provider of chip design software, and LFoundry, the customer-specific manufacturer of choice for analog, mixed-signal and specialized technologies, today announced the LFoundry’s interoperable process design kits (iPDKs) are validated for use with the Titan Mixed-Signal Design Platform, Titan Acclerators and FineSim circuit simulator for 0.15-micron technology platforms.

The combination of Magma’s Titan and FineSim software and LFoundry’s process technology will accelerate development of analog/mixed-signal (AMS) products, especially for European system-on-chip (SoC) developers.

LFoundry’s  0.15-micron process offers excellent performance for RF applications, with results comparable to 0.13-micron technologies. This enables designers to manufacture cost-effective products that offer high performance. The Titan Mixed-Signal Design Platform is a unified mixed-signal design cockpit with a very high capacity and a very fast database access mechanism. Titan comprises user-friendly full-custom schematic and layout editors, an analog simulation environment integrated with the super-fast and accurate FineSim simulator, correct-by-design schematic-driven layout and integration with Magma’s tools for physical verification and digital implementation. The LFoundry iPDK’s detailed flow steps and advanced Titan and FineSim capabilities provide LFoundry and Magma customers with improved productivity and faster turnaround time for analog/mixed-signal design.


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