ST-Ericsson’s High-Performance Modems Pave the Way for Global LTE Devices

ST-Ericsson, a world leader in wireless platforms and semiconductors, today launched two of the first modems based on its new groundbreaking  architecture, which will enable manufacturers to develop sleek and power-efficient devices that can connect to LTE and HSPA+ networks around the world. Consumers will be able to use these devices to access the Internet at high speeds both in their own country and when roaming.

ST-Ericcson's LTE platform

The Thor M7400 platform support the latest LTE and HSPA+ dual-carrier technologies and the Thor M7300 supports HSPA+ capabilities up to 84 Mbps, while preserving backward compatibility to existing 3G/2G networks. The new Thor modems feature a highly-integrated radio solution that offers support for up to eight LTE/HSPA/GSM bands within a very small footprint, enabling development of truly global smartphones, tablets and many other mobile broadband-enabled devices. To further optimize footprint the new Thor modems include memory-less technology which is used when combining with an application processor in smartphones.

thin-modem-platform 7400

The Thor M7400 is the industry’s smallest and first two-chip LTE/HSPA+ modem, which also continues the low power consumption track record from ST-Ericsson’s market-leading HSPA+ modems. Similarly compact and power-efficient, the two-chip Thor M7300 provides capabilities to further improve the mobile broadband performance timely in sync with the coming dual carrier volume market for smartphones and tablets.

“In Thor, ST-Ericsson’s engineers have achieved the optimum combination of hardware acceleration, for low power consumption, and execution in software, enabled by our in-house vector processing technology, which offers the flexibility to continuously add features and performance enhancements to existing chipset hardware,” said Jörgen Lantto, executive vice president, chief technology and strategy officer of ST-Ericsson. “Our radio solution is unique in that it supports the regional LTE FDD/TDD bands in use in Asia, Europe and North America, as well as HSPA/EDGE networks worldwide, allowing device manufacturers to offer truly global devices.”

The ThorM7400 and ThorM7300 modems are based on a common architecture, enabling ST-Ericsson and its customers to benefit from shorter time-to-market by re-using of modem certification and application processor interfaces across platforms, reducing time-to-market. The new Thor modems are also pin-to-pin compatible which enables customers to completely reuse their design across the two platforms.

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