Texas Instruments & Azcom Develop 3G-4G Small Cell Base Station Platform at Mobile World Congress

Spain, 14th February – Solidifying its commitment to the small cell market, Texas Instruments (TI), in collaboration with Azcom Technology, has announced the availability of a new small cell base station platform focused on 3G and 4G high speed data systems. Based on TI’s KeyStone multi-core architecture and TMS320C66x DSP core, the TMDXSCBP6616X supports multi-carrier HSPA+ systems as well as full-rate, 20MHz LTE systems using multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) and advanced receiver algorithms. Leveraging technology used in hundreds of carrier networks worldwide, TI and Azcom are delivering a platform capable of achieving macro-class performance in a pico-class form factor for small cell deployments. For RF development, the platform connects directly to TI’s upcoming TSW3725 analog/RF platform, which is available separately.

“With the small cell market now poised to transform the wireless network topology, our new base station platform with Azcom serves as a great stepping stone for designers to stay ahead of the cost, time and performance curve,” said Kathy Brown, Manager of TI’s Wireless Base Station Infrastructure business unit. “Leveraging our decade-long experience in the wireless infrastructure market, we know what it takes for developers to succeed, and there is no doubt that they will now be able to quickly ramp up to field trials for any and all small cell base station configurations.”


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