Tektronix Communications Ensures Operational Readiness of LTE Networks & Services

Spain, 14th February – At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Tektronix Communications has announced the company’s Iris suite of solutions has been deployed by a major Tier 1 service provider in their live LTE production network, as well as in a number of LTE trials with other service providers. The Iris suite of solutions is supporting these early adopters of the technology to enable their operational readiness; assisting these service providers in meeting their launch date commitments, and in delivering on the promise of LTE performance by ensuring quality of experience to subscribers from day one. As the number of LTE subscribers increases and the range of services expand, Iris is continuing to successfully assure these service providers’ live and reliable LTE networks. 

LTE operational readiness is a key area of focus for service providers in their goal to capture early adopter subscriber gains and to satisfy their subscribers’ expectations for service quality of experience. Service providers need a fully integrated LTE assurance solution that grows with their LTE deployment, while maintaining insight into how services are performing over LTE and their existing networks. By delivering high service quality rather than just hype, service providers can increase the number of subscribers to their network, ultimately allowing the company to meet their return on investment goals.

“Ensuring operational readiness of LTE networks is imperative not only during the initial technology launch, but also as the network and LTE services continue to grow and mature,” said Mark Driedger, General Manager for Network Management ar Tektronix Communications. “Tektronix Communications offers a solution that bridges the gap of traditional monitoring systems by integrating service and network-centric insight together, providing carriers with a single pane of glass solution that minimizes the complexity of managing and assuring their multi-technology network and services environment.” 


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