Marvell Introduces Kinoma Open Software Platform at Mobile World Congress

Marvell has announced Kinoma, a software platform that will dramatically transform the way consumers interact with the portable communication devices. Kinoma is a new foundation for creating and delivering fast, simple user experiences. Through its recent acquisition of Kinoma Inc., a creator of mobile media software, Marvell now offers a solution that is fully integrated from silicon to applications, creating new opportunities for OEMs while freeing developers from traditional restraints. “We are living in an exciting world of proliferating electronic devices. They are becoming a key part of our lives. More than ever consumers demand great ease-of-use and seamless connectivity across all these devices” said Weili Dai, Marvell’s co-founder. “I am very excited to bring the talented Kinoma team to Marvell – it is our mission to coherently integrate our industry-leading hardware solutions with beautiful software experiences to enable the entire ecosystem to address this emerging demand. The addition of Kinoma – a simple, intuitive, easy to use software experience optimized for Marvell’s total silicon solutions – provides a unified look and feel across an array of products from handheld devices to smart appliances and smart furnishings. It gives designers and developers the freedom to dream up more innovative, personalized, and intelligent products and applications that I believe will change the world by making consumers’ lives easier and more convenient. That’s our passion.”

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