Kontron Updates 10G & 40G ATCA Platforms for TEMs to Build 4G LTE EPC, IPTV & GPON Infrastructure

Spain, 15th February – Kontron has, after months of collaboration with TEMs to migrate to 40G-ready ATCA platforms, officially announced at the Mobile World Congress (Booth 2A28, Hall 2) the rollout of an updated program that features two new carrier-grade, 14-slot 10G and 40G ATCA® platforms – the Kontron Open Modular Core OM9141-10G and Open Modular Core OM9141-40G. Both platforms are integrated with new sophisticated and faster bladed data transport, switching and system management hardware that TEMs can use as a starting point to build multiple new equipment configurations using CPU, NPU, DSP, storage and even specialized third party ATCA-based line cards that meet the requirements for 3G/4G, LTE, WIMAX, GPON and IPTV network elements.

Open Modular Core platforms are the result of Kontron’s long-standing expertise in driving specifications and developing standard-based hardware components and integrated platforms for the telecommunications market. Each platform includes redundant power entry modules, cooling infrastructure with hot swappable redundant fans and 10GbE or 40GbE switching capabilities based on the Kontron ATCA® switch blades AT8910 and AT8940, each with platform synchronization interfaces. The range of applications to build systems based on the 10G or 40G Open Modular Core platforms includes 3G/4G and LTE network elements, GPON/EPON and optical transport network elements, QoS and test platform network elements, service and content delivery platforms with security and DPI functionality.


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