Broadcom’s New Bluetooth Chip Family Enables Stereo Headsets with Voice Recognition Capabilities

Spain, 15th February – At the Mobile World Congress, Broadcom has announced a new family of Bluetooth system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions targeting stereo headset products. Combining the ability to enjoy streamed stereo music with traditional Bluetooth hands-free phone call capabilities, the new chip family also provides Broadcom’s leading suite of built-in SmartAudio® technology that delivers appealing features for multiple tiers of headsets. The Broadcom BCM2077x family includes three Bluetooth chips to enable entry-level, mainstream and high-end stereo headsets. As the industry’s first stereo Bluetooth SoC solutions designed in the 65 nanometer (nm) CMOS manufacturing process, the new BCM2077x family delivers these capabilities with the lowest power consumption available to ensure longer battery life, which is critical in stereo applications.

By integrating both stereo audio and hands-free capabilities into this new BCM2077x chip family, Broadcom is helping to drive expansion of the existing Bluetooth market to include multi-functional products that will appeal to consumers interested in one headset design for both listening to music and for talking on the phone.

Special wind-noise reduction technology can distinguish and significantly reduce this annoying audio interference for clearer and more intelligible conversations.

Designed in a very small chip package, the BCM2077x family enables innovative industrial designs that includes ‘behind the ear’ and ‘pendant’ headsets that are comfortable and easy to wear.  Craig Ochikubo, General Manager of Broadcom’s Wireless Personal Area Networking business unit states, “Broadcom continues to help drive Bluetooth into wider ranges of devices, with our new stereo solution serving as a catalyst for new headset form factors and designs. Our low power, small sized family of Bluetooth solutions and comprehensive suite of audio and user interface enhancements, make these new Bluetooth solutions ideal for the next generation of dual-purpose stereo hands-free headsets.”

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