PA Consulting & CEVA Partner for Software-Based 3G Solution

UK, 9th February – CEVA, the leading licensor of silicon intellectual property (SIP) platform solutions and DSP cores, and PA Consulting Group have announced the companies have partnered to offer optimized software solutions for wireless infrastructure applications based on the CEVA-XC processor and PA’s baseband software radio expertise. The companies will first offer an integrated 3G PHY software package for implementing HSPA (3GPP Rel-5, 6) on CEVA’s software-defined radio (SDR) solution, which is specifically tuned for the needs of network operators. Future development will expand to support advanced 3G evolutions including HSPA+ (3GPP Rel-7, 8, 9). The architecture meets the most demanding-use cases required by network operators for large macro base-stations by incorporating multiple CEVA-XC processors into a fully optimized, homogeneous multi-core solution for high-performance baseband applications. The joint solution can also be scaled down to address smaller cells such as picocells and femtocells to allow an optimized architecture with low area and power requirements for any cell size. “The CEVA-XC platform has established itself as a state-of-the-art SDR implementation, capable of the most advanced requirements in both wireless terminal and infrastructure applications. Our expertise in wireless software-based solutions for DSP-based platforms is an ideal complement and this combination serves to further enhance multiple CEVA-based design wins in this space,” said Steve Crammond, wireless expert at PA Consulting Group. “The scalable, programmable nature of the solution makes us well positioned to address the evolving needs of baseband deployments around the world.”

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